We've been extremely busy pakcing up our little apartment and getting everything ready to move the past weeks. We only have two more days to get everything out - I'm hoping we can do it!! All of our things are going into a storage unit in Fargo until we actually move to Missouri. . . which I'm still praying & hoping will happen. Our money is tight and our funds for moving .....isn't anywhere to be found . . . :)   God's plans will work just the way He plans them to. So we'll see; just wish we could have a tiny-bit of a heads up before hand. He has a way of always letting us know last minute. Oh so amazing. :)

The pregnancy is going great. :)  Little Christopher seems to be pretty big compared to his sisters -- I'm very curious as to how big he'll actually be at birth! I thought Elizabeth was going to be bigger than Lily but she was 5oz smaller. My belly is actually measuring bigger than either one of the girls -- so maybe he will be. I'm so very, very excited to meet our little man. He is very unexpected, unplanned, and we probably are not ready (because you usually aren't with babies til they are actually there), but he will be very very welcomed!!  Our birth will be even more amazing.....ugh I cannot wait until that day -- to be able to share the gifts God has given us!!!

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