Lily's Milestones: May and June 2010



-slept with Mom and Dad in their bed all night!             5/4

- you said " we need to get baby brother out!' We said, "oh really??"  And you said " yeah he's cute!" We laughed and you said " He needs to come out, he needs some sisters!"  hehe cute. :)   5/4

-we found a caterpillar and put sticks and leaves in the jar for it. You like your caterpillar and had a lot of fun finding everything for it!   5/28

- we switched you to a booster car seat! big girl!!        5/25

- a stick hit your foot when you were walking and you freaked out and told me to go get it cuz it was "so disgusting!"  haha!              5/20

- put a really hard puzzle together! so smart!!              5/19


- you are so so scared of mosquitos        6/23

- rode on the lawn mower for the first time             6/20

- met your baby cousin Metallia       6/10

- you were sad so you said you we needed to pray to make your heart feel better.  6/?

-you pray all the time for us: when we eat, sleep or when elizabeth goes to bed. it's cute. and it's the same prayer always: "Jesus come now, bless this food, bless it to our bodies, make us feel better, in Jesus's name - amen"

-you sing all the time! ABCs, twinkle twinkle , patty cake, bingo, old mc donald, itsy bitsy spider.

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