Lily's Milestones: February 2009 : 19 months


-it was cold and you put your own hood on your head
-you LOVE puppies and talk about them all the time, you are so in love with them! it's adorable!
- you say bye & hi to strangers now
- you 'think' and make decisions and actions on your own now. You are noticing others a lot more instead of just being in the 'baby' stage and concentrating on yourself and just your own learning. Becoming more socially 'aware'.
- you say 'hi daddy' and 'bye daddy'. Don't say it to Mom, only Dad. :)
-you say 'mommy' and say it very clear. you still call me 'eah' a lot.
- you LOVE babies, the real ones - not dolls.

A Letter to You


Honey I love you so much!! You are so beautiful and such a wonderful little girl. I'm so excited to see who you'll be and to continue to bond with you when you're older!  I love you so much and always will. :) 

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