Lily's Milestones: March and April 2010


- took your crib side down soyou can have a big girl bed :)        3/14

- you got up in the morning and got yourself dressed all by yourself before Mom woke up.            3/14

-put your crib side back up because you won't go to sleep.            3/30

- we put your underwear on you whenever we can because you won't tell us if you have to go potty if you wear pullups.                    4/2

- you'll go potty on the toiled almost every time you have to go. You haven't gone potty in your pants in over a week and a half!!                 4/14

- we went to Hooters today and when we left they gave you a balloon. You were so excited!! It was really windy and we kept telling you to hold onto the ballon hard and tie it around your wrist. You insisted on holding it. Sure enough-- it blew away. :(   You cried and cried...I almost did too! It was so sad. We told you that your balloon went to Jesus and he put it in your room in heaven for you. That made it a little better.  Now you always say you want to go to heaven! So we explained that we only can go to Heaven when we die, and that we can only die when God wants us to die. Until then we stay on earth.  And when we drive by that spot in town you always mention how Jesus has your balloon in heaven. :)          4/14

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