This. is. Crazzy. Reeeeallly. CRAZY.

A couple of days ago ( march 6th) Dad and I pretty much 'decided' I was pregnant. I keep feeling kicking and my tummy is getting bigger . . .
We haven't had any type of test yet, but once we get our insurance back we will for sure. I'd like to go get a pregnancy test soon just to see.

After Elizabeth was born, I had high thyroid levels and never got my period at all. I started taking thyroid medicine on January 4th -- I believe. So I've been on them for most of my pregnancy -- which isn't comforting for me since it can cause growth problems with the baby. I'm going to stop just in case I am for sure pregnant. I will just pray that God will heal my thyroid issues without that stupid medication.
wow. Being pregnant right now is so strange. It's only six months -- well not even -- it's two and a half to four months after having elizabeth! I had wanted to wait a fairly long time before having another baby. I guess God decided different! haha. Oh man! This is scary!

Since I've been pregnant awhile I'm guessing, I hope I can find out soon if it's a boy or a girl!

My Doctor did blood test in December so I wouldn't think I would've been pregnant then because my doctor should've seen? Maybe? But you never know! I could be due about August 22nd to October 25th! I'm guessing it would be more in August since I'm feeling movement! Who knows though --- oh jeez it's so strange to not even have a hint of knowing! No missed period, no estimated due date --not even a due month!

I hope to find something out soon!!

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