Lily's Milestones: January & Febuary 2010


- you want to do everything yourself but then little things like carrying your own blankies, picking up toys or grabbing your juice you say " i can't. it's too hard for me!"

- you know and understand the 'order' of most daily schedules

- you never stop talking!! it's wonderful but drives me crazy sometimes!!

- you are constantly telling me what to do next to take care of you and asking me over and over to do something!! agh!

- 1st time you sang the alphabet. we bought you some foam abc's for the bath tub and you were so excited! you kept on saying you wanted to do your ABCD's. and then you sang' a, b, c, d, e, f, g." all by yourself! I hadn't even mentioned the ABC's within the last 4'6 months then I said ' h, i , j, k' and you said 'l, m, n, o , p" !! I have no idea where that came from!                                2/16

- you know the letter 'M' if I ask for M for Mommy. and you know L is "for me!"        2/16

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