Elizabeth's Milestones: Febuary 2010: Six Months


- 1st jumped on mom's lap. it was your first real jump with no support of 'spring' to help you   2/2
- you said 'hi' accidently, it was really cute :)                           2/7
-you can almost fully control arm movement-                                   2/7
                you can slmost put something perfectly in your mouth.  
-you fell asleep 2x without a bottle and without waking up. Slept until 7am- seven hours!!  2/7

-you've been constantly hitting things -- you 'pat' the table whenever you can!!

-grabbed your bottle with both hands and put it in your mouth while sitting in your carseat   2/19
- your coordination has gotten a lot better and more precise in the last week and a half.  2/19
-you are scared of strangers, usually only women and cry when they talk to you or you look at them too long.

-bought a toy 'bug' - just like Lily had when she was little and you LOVE it at much as she did.

- 1st waved bye/hi!! Dad waved goodbye to you and you brought your hand up and moved it side to side. We laughed and dad tried waving bye again and you looked at his hand, then at yours and moved your fingers like he did. CUTE!!                     2/17

-1st held yourself up reeallly well with your arms straight         2/20

- took 1 'step' with knee to crawl! your left knee 2-3x---you were trying sooo hard!   2/19

-got your first little cold- a runny nose and little itty bitty cough   2/21

-played peek-a-boo!! You were in your carseat and you kept uplling your blanke over your face when we'd say 'where's elizabeth?' then you'd pull it down super fast and we'd say 'peek a boo!'. You did it 10-12 times!!               2/21

-stood up holding onto the couch all by yourself!     2/25

- 2nd time eating cereal--liked it this time and ate alot  :)        2/26

- 6 month birthday party at Grandma Chennaux's    2/26


Lily and you were playing so hard! you were set n the back of the couch and Lily would jump from one couch to the other and you would laugh sooooo hard!    2/6

You really enjoy: jumping in your jumperoo, watching tv, palying with Lily, being with Mom and learning about Dad.

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