Elizabeth: Six Months


weight: 17lbs.

-you can support yourself sitting for a few seconds at a time

-you can fully extend your arms and support the weight of your body while on your tummy

-you can 'scoot'--only an inch, but haven't been able to balance good enough to pull your knee(s) under your body

-you have full control of your hands, fingers and arms but you can't grab very small things with your fingers yet.

~Six Month Birthday Party~

We celebrated your six month birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Chennaux's.

-Mom made you a round vanilla double layer cake with a middle chocolate chip and strawberry layer, choc chip icing ont he outside and one pink candle in the middle. Lily helped Mom make it.
When I was taking pics of you nest to it, you took a big handful of cake and tried eating it!!  :) 

-While we were eating cake, Dad fed you cereal. You ate alot!! You even would feed yourself with cereal on the spoon! Then you'd try to look at the spoon and go cross-eyed! It was so adorable!

-Lily opened the present you had been given by Grandma and Grandpa; she was so excited for you! You got formula,a pink bottle and a pink elephant teether! 

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