My Lovely, My Sweet

You are so precious Lily. You are the most special and amazing little girl in the world -- (along with your sister).
 Honey I hope we never lose each other.
 I pray that our hearts will never have to endure such pain.
I hope you'll grow up and be able to follow God's path for you, get to know me and your father, meet your prince charming and create beautiful children and grow old. And I hope so much that I'll be able to experience it all with you. If I don't, if for some reason God takes me, please know I'm always with you. Know I love you and that you are so treasured. Know that god is the most beautiful love in the universe -- no matter what the rest of the owrld shows or tells you. Know your heart and soul deserve more than to be fillled with hate, lies, chemicals and the wretched things satan has put in this awful but wonderful world. Always strive for purity. Do not fill up your soul and emptiness with meaningless things--fill it up with love from Jesus. He can love and fulfill you more than having your mom here ever could. I promise.

If I'm not there to look to --don't look to the meaningless and lost women of this world who seem to have it all-- but really have nothing because they don't have a true relationship with God. Instead look to Jesus, our Father and the Holy Spirit to guide you -- along with women of the world who love them also (not all will be even close to perfect, so do not believe all of their words). And look and find answers from the Bible and the women in it--each learned a magnificent lesson.

I love you so much, and I pray that I'll never see heaven without first letting you see and be able to remember my soul and who I am.
I love you forever. You are my everlasting Joy. I cherish you above all else.
I will always love and remember you.
(I'm crying so hard right now).


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