Lily's Milestones: December 2009


-you helped your sister take a bath - you even washed her!            12/7

- had a really bad dream. you woke up crying and when I checked on you, you just kept crying. I prayed with you and that helped you calm down so you could tell me about it. You said daddy went bye bye and that mommy, lily and baby were sad. I tried to put you back to bed but you kept on saying 'no, bad dream!'. So prayed with you again and let you stay up. You eventually said that in your dream, there were: mean people, daddy was hurt, daddy was mean, daddy went bye bye, mommy lily and baby had owies, there was a mean kitty, mean kitty gave us owies on our tummies by biting us, we were being quiet and hiding from kitty, i asked where we where hiding and you said 'nice kitties', we were running away, daddy hurt mommy, daddy ate mommy, then you said the mean kitty went bye bye. So you stayed awake until Dad got home, we all prayed and you finally went to bed and had no more bad dreams! :)              12/7

- watched part of the Passion of the Christ                   12/12

- went to Daddy's Cobber Echo Band concert. We had to leave because you would not listen and were
      making noise. I was sooo sad to miss the concert. :(                12/13

- 1st sleepover! (for christmas)    12/11

- 1st attempted to hold breath underwater               12/12

- you are in your 'scarey' stage. You are scared of everything! But we explained that Jesus is always in your heart, even though you can't see him, you can feel him: like mommy's breath...then I blew on your face and said "see you can't see it with your eyes but you can feel it".                   12/14

- printed you off a picture of Jesus and you sleep with it!        12/19

- 1st made a snow angel                  12/21

- wrapped your blanky around your legs and said " look I'm a mermaid!"  lol.

- 1st spelt your name out loud -- "said L-I-L-I". then you kept saying" L-I-L-I".

- went to Grandma Dena's and you had a lot fo fun playing with her dogs. You kept on helping them drink and eat and you played with them. You also started hugging them -- it was so cute. Then you told Daddy that puppies should go home with us!                 12/30


oh my gosh!
come with me
come sit/play/eat with me
no! go away!
let go!
said ' hey mommy!'       1/3
started saying 'mom'   12/31
told daddy you were going to eat him.
-usually if you want something Mom or Dad will say, "hang on, just wait two minutes." but today Dad asked you to put something back and you said "two minutes Daddy , kay?" It was so funny!

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