Fun Bath

Mom bought you new bath toys today, so you took a long bath and we had so much fun playing! You got a seal, polar bear, elephant, hippo, octopus, frog, whale, dolphin and starfish.

I would take the starfish and throw it like a frisbee at the tub wall and it'd bounce back, and I'd either catch it, it'd hit you or land in the water and splash you. You'd laugh SO  HARD! It was so fun!
Then we pretended the whale was sneezing, the seal was roaring, the bear was growling and the octopus was singing when they'd squirt water!! It was nice to really play with you again. And you did something I didn't expect at all - you squirted me in the face!! I always squirt you - but you've never done it to me! And you got me up close and right in the middle of my face! We laughed and laughed!!

I love you so much and I hope we'll forever have beautiufl mother and daughter moments like this!

My lovely, My sweet...Lily Ann.
Love ~ Mommy.

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