Elizabeth's Milestones: December 2009: four months


1st painted toe nails - hot pink!         12/1
1st blew on your tummy! got 3 little chuckles out of you. :)      12/2
Lily washed you :) You couldn't stop giggling.          12/7
started teething            12/8
1st concert: dad's echo band concert!        12/13
1st sat on Santa's lap!               12/4
Mom stopped breastfeeding. She is having Thyroid problems and the medicine will pass through and affect your thyroid. :(  I cried & cried.  :'(           12/11
1st raspberry kiss!    12/8
1st grabbed a toy  12/26


12/7 : Kisses:    Dad went to give you a kiss & you made your mad 'grrr' noise. I pulled you away from his face & you stopped, I put you toward him and leaned you at his face & you did it again!! We did it 7 or 8 times and every time he'd go to give you a kiss or immediately after giving you one -- you'd do your mad 'grrrrr''!! It was like you knew he was gonna kiss you & you wanted no part of it! It was so funny! Just of out of couriosity we switched and he held you, while I tried to kiss you and you did the same thing with me!  You must not like kisses very much!!  :)

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