Christmas Party

Today we went to a Christmas Party at the Frank White Preschool in Park Rapids. You were so excited and we had so much fun!! First you saw Santa Claus. At first you were scared to see him, but then Mom gave Elizabeth to him and sat down next to them, and you finally decided to sit on my lap. After a couple of pictures, i got up and you sat down with Santa all by yourself for some pictures! I was so proud of you! you usually would never do anything like that. You thought it was so fun.
Then we got your face painted. You sat so good while a woman painted a Santa (you picked to have that one) on your left cheek. Then we played with playdough, and cut out a christmas tree, angel and snowflake. Then we went and let you bounce in a big inflated bouncy thing! You were so excited!! You liked it alot! When you got in there you wanted me to come in and jump with you -- but I couldn't because I was too big.
Then we made a fruit loop necklace -- you kept on eating the fruit loops! After that we went and did a child identification kit with a police officer. Then I let you play for awhile and then we went home . . you were SO tired!
Also: you were wearing a headband with Jingle Bells on it and kept shaking it and singing "Jingle Bells". Souned like: "Tinkgle bells. "... so cute!

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