Christmas oh-Nine!

We had our Christmas early this year because we would be in Park rapid during Christmas and we really wanted to have our Christmas at home.
Well first we went to Savers, at 6pm and shopped around for presents for everyone. By the time we left you were getting pretty tired! Then we went to Walmart and you were absolutely crazy!! We looked for a mobile light for Elizabeth, then decided to get a ring for her. I remembered that in Savers your ponytail fell out and you were carrying it around. So I asked you what happened to it and you opened your mouth and pointed inside and said "it went bye-bye!" I asked you if you ate it and you said "uh huh!". Crazy girl. :)
Then Mommy, you and sister went to the car to wait for Daddy while he got your present. We were trying to get you a kitchen set they had on sale. On the way out to the car, you were holding onto the side of the cart and you tripped and still hung onto the side an your hand got run over by the wheel!! Pooor girl! You cried so hard!
We waited for along time, but Dad couldn't find your present. So we drove all they way to the walmart in Moorhead, but it wasn't there either. Mom bought Dad's present there though. So then we went home, made Pizza, ate cookies for Jesus's birthday and then opened up presents:
Eli & you got christmas bears, Eli got a ring (you opened it for her), Eli and you got a Big sis/Lil sis necklace, Dad got a blacklight, you got a little play house and all the items for it, and Mom got a stuffed Bulldog puppy from Dad -because he couldn't get her a real puppy. (Mom was SO happy!!).
Then we let you have a sleepover and we all slept in the living room. We watched 'hermie the caterpillar, by your choosing. Elizabeth had really bad tummy issues and was crying really hard, but Mom helped her and then Dad rocked her to sleep. After the movie was over it took you ahwile to settle down, but you finally did and we all went to sleep!!

~ Christmas Milestones~

- you love Christmas trees and "the pretty lights".
-you will dance and sing "jingle bells, jingle bells" over and over again when you find something with bells on it.
-Mom and you made our own Christmas tree this year. our apartment couldn't fit one, plus we don't have enough money to buy one, so we drew our own on a big poster paper. I drew the outline and then you colored in the ornaments. You loved it!! :) 

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