Lily's Milestones: October/November 2009


Height: 33 9/16 inches
Weight: 26 lbs.

-1st prayer      10/8
  you said: "God, please forgive me for spilling mommy's juice accidently."

-1st raised hands (both) in church while worship and singing    11/1

-we made your crib into a big girl bed!                   11/9

-started potty training     11/9

- 1st went potty ont the toilet (number one).    11/11

- started wearing pull ups             11/12

-1st cold sore                11/11

- read your sister a book all by yourself   11/23

- saw a picture of Elizabeth and said "oh! baby elizabeth!!"   11/23

-1st used scissors to cut         11/27

-said " I don't know!!??"               11/30

- 1st fish  11/15

-you stopped wanting to be potty trained, so I told you that it's not nice to poop on dora (your pullups), and you didn't care, so I said that I was going to poop on you and now you've been going around all day saying you're going to poop on me!

-put your crib back up because you kept on coming out of your bed and wouldn't sleep.  11/16

-got you diapers again      11/19

-1st bike (with training wheels) and 1st rode your bike all by yourself.      11/30
      (uncle mikey bought it for you)


- "I'll call you back."   11/10

- " what?"  10/30

- "poot"  for poop.

- "slow down"! (told dad to slow down when he was driving)    11/11

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