During your afternoon nap I told you that when you woke up we would go buy you some stars (the stick on your wall, glow in the dark kind). So later that day we went to Hobby Loby and looked for them. You were so cute and being so good!! You walked right next to me and held my hand when you were supposed to -- you were being so cute and adorable, such a sweetheart. I loved that day with you!! I'll treasure it forever! I love you so much!!
Well we looked all over the store and couldn't find any -- so we went up front to check out and in one of the stands next to the checkout...we found stars!! You were soo excited and happy!! We went home, ate supper, picked up daddy, then we put your stars in your room! You had so much fun helping me, I would hold themwere they were supposed to be, than you'd push/stick them on! You got to choose were 3 of them went, and Dad chose were one of them went. Then we turned out the light and got to see them glow --- you were so excited!!!

always and forever:

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