Lily's Third Halloween

This Halloween you dressed up as a Hippo! You, Elizabeth, Dad and Mom went trick or treating at about 6pm. Elizabeth was a pumpkin and mom and dad were just themselves. We went to Discovery circle in Park rapids and saw Aunt Crysta at her friends house. You were so excited to trick or treat! You had been told about it for 2 or 3 days and you were so happy. We went to about five houses to get candy. You were so shy and could barely squeak out a "tee teat". After getting candy we went to Grandma Chris and Lisa's house and visited them for ahwile. Mom barely let you have any candy but you got so hyper!! You would turn in circles and sing as loud as you could and wouldn't stop. When we got back to Grandma Hank and Charlotte's, you wouldn't stop running and screaming! It was cute to see you so goofy, but we were upset you had gotten such a sugar rush. We didn't want you to eat enough to affect you like that. We finally got you to sleep and the next week you kept on asking for candy!!

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