Leaving the Trailer House

We recently just moved to Fargo and had to leave our old trailer house in Park Rapids. You lived there for almost a year and when we left you were really sad. For several days in a row you kept on saying "see trailer house" or when we'd say we were going home you'd say "trailer house?". It was hard to know you missed it so much. i missed it alot too. One day we went back there and let you say goodbye and after that you haven't said anything about it.

Maybe one day we'll buy it like we were planning to and you'll live there again. I guess we'll see where gGod leads us. I loved that house and would love to buy and remodel it if we ever could and it was what God wanted.

Someday we'll take you back there (if it's still there), or at least show you where it used to be -- when you can remember more.

I love you,
Love, Mommy.

P.S.: I'm sorry for all of our moving. I know it may be a good thing in the long run because you'll have many experiences, but I would love to just live in one spot for all of your years too. I hope to do that when your older. It is going to be very interesting to see what God does in our and your life -- I'm excited!!

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