Baby Sister


You got a new baby sister a week ago! You like her alot! Last night she was laying on her boppy pillow and she started to lift her head and you just laughed and laughed! You thought it was so funny! Then later she started hiccuping and making a big squeak everythime she did and you thought that was really funny too. It was cute!
You like to hold her and cuddle with her. You like to help Mom take care of her by getting her diapers or cream when I change her. If I forget to grab something and I can't get it at the moment, you love to help me and go get it for me. Sometimes I forget to put a dirty diaper in the grabage and you'll always pick it up for me. Your such a good little helper!
But you also like to push limits and retest your boundaries lately. It's like you are trying to make sure that nothing has really changed or you're trying to see if it has changed. You do stuff that you know is bad and when we tell you no, you always will do it anyways. You are just being a little booger!! But we are trying to be patient because we know this is a big change for you. Especially since only two days after Elizabeth was born, we moved permanently to Fargo and Daddy started he's not gone during usual times and I'm sure that is pretty confusing for you -- especially since he had been working those hours basically since you were born! You've really not known anything else.
I love you so much Lily! After Elizabeth was born i defnitely have felt different about you. You seem so much older now and it's just different to see you now. I don't know how to explain it -- and it's not a bad thing at all! I just seem to cherish you now and i've realized even more that you are your own little girl, and that you are growing so fast!! I always knew you where, but having another, new, little tiny baby in the house definitely opened up my eyes a little more!

I love you so much sweeheart -- and no one else will ever take your place in my heart! They may have their own place, but they'll never take place of you.

I love you forever.


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