Baby Shower !

My/Elizabeth's Baby Shower was on Sunday, May 31st.
A lot of people said they were going to come, but they didn't. :( 
It made me sad. I really thought people would want to come and support us, and it was a bummer
when only 12 people showed up. I've been having a lot of trouble not having any family/friends and I
was looking forward to all the love and just support I needed to continue with our move and in
having another baby. But no one came. It's hard not to be mad at people; but I will choose not to.
I just wish they could've at least called to say they weren't coming.
I'm afraid people may have thought if they didn't bring a gift I wouldn't want them there;
but really I just wanted to have people around and spend time with them. I guess they didn't???
It kinda sucks. I wish I had a good, loving family.

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