Lily's Milestones: December 2008 : 17 months

weight: 22.5 lbs    12/17

- said "Amen" 12/13
- said ' grandpa' 12/17
- said ' puppy-  12/26
- said 'please' (peee)  12/25
- you hug and give kisses to anyone that mom and dad say you should: growing out of your shyness.
-said ' meow'
-said ' arf arf!'
- said 'blanky' 12/27
- said 'cookie'
- will grab her puse and get ready to 'go' and wave bye-bye to us
- tickles people all the time
- will go and sit down by Juneau and try to play with her, but she's so big that you get scared right away. :)
-you LOVE babies: real ones.
- your pink blanky goes with you EVERYWHERE!! If we wash it you are always bugging us about where it is and when it's going to be dry.
-you've really been wanting to go outside lately. You like to just look out windows.
- You have kind of gotten over being shy and like to say 'hi' to & meet everyone. You'll go to a lot of people- not all- but alot more than usual.
-you know what 'owie' is and we have to kiss it for you.
-your neck is super ticklish and it's so fun to tickle you: you giggle and giggle. :)
- cuddled with the kitty: you two actually stayed with eachother and got along! 12/17

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