Lily's Milestones: October 2008

Talking: she says . . .

1. kitty  (kightdee)
2. num num  (mum mum- usually in question form)
3. tickle tickle  (ghdll-ghdll)
4. dog  (doda or doghdee)
5. thank you  (hnk kew  or hums it: mmm mm)

Actions: she can . . .

-put arms up to get picked up
- tickles you
- stands on her head, looking through her legs at very randoms times
- blows kisses bye
- waves bye-bye and sometimes does it when we put her into her crib for bedtime
- loves wearing her shoes
- tries to put clothes & other things on herself by putting it around the back of her neck
- loves brushing her teeth
- gives other babies hugs and tries to kiss them, pokes a their eyes
- knows where her nose is and will point to it if you say the word 'nose'.
- will try to push a toy car or other rolling object by standing in one spot, with her feet planted, then pushing it, will keep her feet in the same spot and continue pushing until her belly is on the ground and until the tips of her fingers have pushed it as far as it will go, then she'll start all over again.
- waves hi
-sings to music
-when she's tired she will cover her hears & hum
- when she finds something that she likes to play with, she will stand on it

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