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2020 Unsung Heroes: Truck Drivers, Jake Shellum on 50K Jones Soda Bottles

  The sound of a Jake Brake roars from out our window and we run excitedly to the door to wait, . . Daddy's home! This was our life for 3 years, (8 for Jake) it was a life we loved so very much, and one that kept a hole in our hearts.  Jake, my husband, was an over the road truck driver for over 8 years driving flat bed and step deck, across the country.  A truck drivers intimate life is not known by most. They are there next to us everyday on the highways but do we really see them? Most go unnoticed and unappreciated. The men that are missing home, on a deadline, running empty, longing for their own beds, wishing they could see their son's first steps as his wife calls to tell him about them. They might not have gotten to shower today, or the day before, they don't know if their load home will be ready yet or if they will miss the upcoming holiday.  These are also the men getting yelled at, cut off, uncertain of when their next meal will come, if the truck stops will be fu

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